Our Services

Archaeological Inventory surveys

With over 950 state-approved final reports, including 15 Phase III data recovery excavations/mitigations, Tracker Archaeology is a leader in archaeological surveys in the Northeast. Our research and field survey services include:

  • Phase I Research Evaluations & Field Testing to determine presence or absence of archaeological sites. Tracker has conducted surveys on small 1 acre lots for indivduals looking to subdivide or as large as 330 acres for mutli-lot subdivisions. This includes residentail & commercial properties. We also do do engergy related  projects such as utility line corridor surveys, mining permits, & solar farms.  Other work includes landscape restoration & flood prevention impact assesments and cell towers.  Most investigations end at this Phase. 
  • Phase II Intensive Testing & Assessment, if needed, interpret archaeological sites when encountered to determine if the site is national register elible (NRE) 
  • Phase III Data Recovery Excavations for mitigation, if needed, on a small percentage of properties that do have a NRE site, clearing the way for construction.
  • Archaeological Monitoring of Construction and/or Heavy Machinery
  • Burial Surveys
  • Site Impact Avoidance Consultation
  • Archaeological Consultation for Municipalities or State Agencies

Artifact Analysis

Working with some of the most experienced researchers and analysts in the Northeast, Tracker Archaeology provides a full suite of analysis services. Our artifact analysis capabilities include:

  • Lithic
  • Ceramic
  • Bone 
  • Shell
  • Glass
  • Metal

Floral, faunal, and forensic Analysis

Our environmental archaeology research associates provide expertise in the handling, curation, and analysis of human, animal, and plant remains. Services include:

  • Sample Floatation
  • Macro Floral Analysis
  • Faunal Analysis 
  • Osteoarchaeological Analysis